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Welcome to Curfman Counseling!

Miraculously, at least in my estimation, you made your way here. Welcome! I hope that your interest in my website means that you are pursuing self-improvement and/or trying to help someone else in the areas of mental health, wellness, improving your physical condition, or looking for answers to those deep questions that life seems to bring out in us.

While this website certainly won't address even a fraction of those pursuits, my goal is for it to be a jumping off point or springboard that sends you in the direction of seeking answers to those areas you which to improve.

So, you're at the site menu. What do you choose? You could start by scanning the home site where I have information about my professional counseling services.

If you are needing counseling or know someone who needs help, please call Winsted Psychological Services at 903-238-9050 and ask to make an appointment with me.

If you want more information about counseling in general, check out the pages covering the services I offer and then check out the “Resources” section. “Resources” serves as a hub for all types of psychologically oriented information. I will be continually adding to and updating these pages so please visit often for new information. I'll be noting updates in this blog

If you would like to communicate with me and/or with others in the community about counseling related topics, check out my “Forums” page where I will have topics for discussion. These will also be added to, updated, and addressed regularly so feel free to join and start threads right away.

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