What is “Mindfulness”

...and why do we need it?



by Locke Curfman, LPC on September 04


So you've read an article on the net or heard someone mention that they're learning the latest techniques for increasing "mindfulness”

Maybe you’ve already been involved with something that teaches you how to be more mindful such as a meditation app on your phone or an exercise during one of your business meetings that helps you to focus on the present or the “here and now.”


Read my article on “fear of missing out,” and you'll see links to articles written by psychologists and other counselors regarding fear of missing out and one of the tips for treating FOMO is to become more mindful.


So what exactly does "mindfulness "mean? How do we practice being more mindful? and what does that look like in our daily life?


Psychologist, author, and speaker Dan Siegel states in his book… That mindfulness is…


The creators of Hypnosisdownloads.com have the following products in mind to help you achieve a state of mindfulness through the use of self-hypnosis. don't be scared off by the use of the word hypnosis. Hypnosis nothing more than focused attention in a relaxed state to where you become more susceptible to suggestion. We engage in self hypnosis all the time such as when we're watching a TV program really interested in reading a book that truly engages our attention or sometimes engaged in a conversation or someone takes her attention away from everything but themselves.


In my health related article about tapping into health interventions, I mention mindful eating. During my health intervention program, I was asked to engage in mindful eating every day for at least one meal a day. During the course of this mindful eating exercise I was asked to listen to a guided mindful eating meditation in which 15 minutes was spent eating a meal with two minutes of guided meditation followed by two minutes of eating followed by two minutes . of guided meditation and so forth until the period was over and you would finish your meal  

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